Naked World History Features Animated Science Egyptian Mummy Video

I can announce that tvN, a South Korean television network owned by CJ ENM Co., Ltd want to feature my Gebelein man video in their upcoming history program to air on the 20th of Feb 2024. The TV program is called “Naked World History,” and is an educational series led by history experts that focuses on factual historical content. The program aims to explore lesser-known aspects of world history from various perspectives, including the historical landmarks of different countries. This mummy is the oldest in the world found.

He was buried in about 3500 BC (if not earlier) at the site of Gebelein in Upper Egypt. Direct contact with the hot, dry sand naturally mummified his body, making him one of the best-preserved individuals from ancient Egypt. He has been in the British Museum collection for over 100 years and in 2012 he was taken out of the Museum for the first time to be CT scanned to find out how he died.

I recorded this video 8 years ago now and it has had 4400 views. My main reason for recording it was to help teach Half Life to GCSE students to set the scene for where you would get your sample from for a carbon dating process. Also for students who many of which have not got the funds or the understanding to visit the musuem to see for themselves. Interestingly many visitors when I was there walked past and did not realise how important this find was.

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