Feb 2024 Visitor Stats – Animated Science

I often get asked by students and teachers how many views does my site gets each month. Well, it actually varies a lot depending on what students are researching worldwide. I get a variance of several thousand each month and sometimes double. However, this month I thought I would share my current views…

626,000 – Total Impressions

20,000 – Clicks on content

5000 – Individual users

The most popular pages now are… Exam question booklets, KS3 Energy Stores and Conduction, Convection and Radiation. Interestingly Year 9 SATs papers are still extremely popular but who knows why as that format died a long time ago!

I thought I would also share my site kit analysis page of where all the people are coming from who use my site. This also changes a lot, but this month it is the UK mainly but, worldwide there is also a lot of use. I also find it interesting that most users are still on a desktop device, but the phone users are there too. I have always tried to improve my site to cater for both groups. To be fair the modern WordPress setup means that I use the same theme for both whereas I used to have to run two themes and autodetect.

The source of my users is also interesting as organic search seems to be the way of being found. This is great, as organic search is free and relies on relevant content so clearly my topics are hitting the spot.

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