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Dear Readers,

I started Animated Science in 2003 as a small flash-based site for my own pupils. I am now serving Science, teacher training and food-based blog content around the world with an ever-increasing footprint.

It has been over 20 years now online and the changes have been massive, but I try to keep up and serving free content for all users. I serve over 200,000 pages a month from this site alone. The reach is global with many countries using the content but mainly the traffic is from the UK, US, Philippines, India, UAE, Australia, Sweden, Canada.

My site is a non-profit concern, and all resources are provided free of charge and should not be commercially exploited in any way. The ads I have all pay for the hosting and features on the site, so it really is a super Physics resource for all to use.

I also run other content channels in addition to this WordPress based site, please feel free to subscribe and support me. 


Daniel Powell

Animated Science Director









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