2011 Animated Science Yearly Review


It has been a fantastic year for Animated Science with lots of new content being added for KS5 Physics and also some older items repurposed in our new blog. We have certainly gone worldwide with the appeal of the site with users across the globe accessing all the resources. The Charcuterie Section is also shaping up nicely with our top worldwide google ranking for “Pork and Sage Sausage”. I will be adding more as I have a new android phone so I will be adding some cool videos as well as images to this section.

Looking through the statistics it has been amazing; we have served pages to over 60,000 unique visitors, who have viewed 401,896 pages. In total we have had over 2 million hits and users have downloaded over 192GB of data through the site.

It seems that mobile use is now building and the site is now fully optimised for Android/iPhone or the newer smart phones. We have a full menu system with icons and able to rotate and scale for every modern phone or tablet on the market.

The most exciting launch is our Kindle venture with notes of nearly 10,000 words for Unit 1 AQA Revision in the Amazon store. We will see how this goes but more will follow when time allows and the price has fallen due to dollar / pound exchange rates so good news there!

Thanks for all the support and please come back!

Daniel Powell

(Animated Science Admin)

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