SI Units…

Here are some basic SI units that you might want to use in your calculations….

quantitynamesymbolin terms of …
other unitsbase units
plane angleradianrad m m−1
solid anglesteradiansr m2 m−2
frequencyhertzHz s−1
forcenewtonN m kg s−2
pressure, stresspascalPaN/m2m−1 kg s−2
energy, work, heatjouleJN mm2 kg s−2
power, heat flowwattWJ/sm2 kg s−3
electric chargecoulombC s A
electric potentialvoltVW/Am2 kg s−3 A−1
capacitancefaradFC/Vm−2 kg−1 s4 A2
resistanceohmΩV/Am2 kg s−3 A−2
conductancesiemensSA/Vm−2 kg−1 s3 A2
magnetic fluxweberWbV sm2 kg s−2 A−1
magnetic flux densityteslaTWb/m2kg s−2 A−1
inductancehenryHWb/A m2 kg s−2 A−2
celsius temperaturedegree celsius K
luminous fluxlumenlmcd srm2 m−2 cd
illuminanceluxlxlm/m2m−2 cd
radioactivitybecquerelBq s−1
absorbed dosegrayGyJ/kgm2 s−2
equivalent dosesievertSvJ/kgm2 s−2
catalytic activitykatalkat s−1 mol

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