Daniel Powell Basic Pork & Sage Sausage (90% meat)

Daniel Powell Basic Pork & Sage Sausage Recipe (90% meat)

This is my first and best so far for a standard Pork Sausage. This one should work well and be close to what you can get in the supermarket but better. The ingredients must be the best and that will reflect in a good final product. You can modify the spice mix as much as you want but I would leave  the ingredients as they are as they balance quite well and chemically seem to work. However, you might actually get away with more emulsifiers such as mustard and egg.

  • 1.6kg Free Range Pork Shoulder Joint (remove rind & cube 1”)
  • 0.4kg Free Range Pork Belly (remove rind & cube 1”)
  • 2 Large Free Range eggs
  • 2.5 tea sp Milled Black Pepper
  • 2.4 tea sp Milled Sea Salt
  • 1 tea sp Ground Nutmeg
  • 0.5 tea sp Ground Mace
  • 5 tsp Dried Sage
  • 1x Squirt Tomatoes Puree Concentrate
  • 1 table sp Dijon Mustard
  •  160 gram Fresh White Breadcrumbs.
  • 300ml water (including 4 ice cubes)
  • 9 ice cubes for adding later.


1)      Chill meat to very cold, then remove skin and discard, dice into 1” cubes. Put back into fridge for 1 hour. Add 5 ice cubes.

2)      Mix all the ingredients from fresh i.e. grate nutmeg, grind peper etc.. to make a smooth paste then add the cubes. You can adjust the herbs as you wish or add garlic etc..

3)      Mix the ingredients using a wooden spoon very thoroughly with pork cubes and return to the fridge.

4)      Setup grinder on medium grind. Grind pork in 2 stages returning to fridge asap with remaining 4 ice cubes. When you have ground all the meat, remove from fridge and mix for about 5 minutes until very sticky. Return to the fridge to get really cold.

5)      Take Pig Intestine cases, rinse and soak for 30 minutes in cold water. Then feed onto the suffer nozzle which should be set upright in the bowl of water. Then hold the cases from top up to feed on smoothly.

6)      Setup the stuffer ensuring you have removed the blade. Remove the ice cubes which have not melted from the mix. Stuff the sausages as quick as you can, making sure the cases feel quite full.

7)      Weigh into 1lb lots which is about 5/4 sausages and then pat dry and vacuum pack for freezer.

Key Issues

  • You must keep the mixture very cold or the fat breaks from the meat and the texture is poor.
  • If the pork shoulder is low on fat the belly should balance things.
  • Make sure the mixture is wet as the breadcrumbs need it.
  • Mix for a long time to enable the salt to start to break down the myosin protein strands to emulsify the sausage.
  • Don’t overcook and use a thermometer to check when they are done, it is surprising how quick they cook.

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