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2 Quarks and leptons

 This topic is about learning what is inside a nucleus and essentially how does that make an atom behave. You really need to learn a lot of basic facts.  You can also find loads of youtube movies, just search for the key terms and you will learn lots of things.

Main Resources

02 Quarks and Leptons

02 Quarks and Leptons Student Booklet

2.1 The particle zoo

Particle Physics Reference Booklet (Particle reference sheet)

2.2 Particle Sorting

2.2 ParticleAccelerators  (Information sheet from Cern on Accelerators)

2.2 LHC (Information sheet from Cern on Accelerators)

2.5 Conservation rules

Strangeness (Strangeness Summary)


Cloud Chamber Cosmic Rays

Pb210 Source showing background alpha and neutrino, muons and other cosmic rays in a cloud chamber.

AS Chapter 2 Quarks and Leptons

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