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I started Animated Science in 2003 as a small flash based site for my own pupils. I am now serving Science and food based content around the world with an ever increasing footprint. Last year we had 5.4 million hits and nearly 150,000 users.
My site is a non-profit concern and all resources are provided …

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Brain imaging study finds that teaching maths to less anxious students helps!

This is super research and fits in with what I see daily in Physics.
The idea that if you are stressed you do worse at the mathematics components I think it’s key for Physics. This is why for nearly all my work I give full answers in printed or electronic form and allow my students to …

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The first room-temperature superconductor has finally been found

It’s here: Scientists have reported the discovery of the first room-temperature superconductor, after more than a century of waiting. The compound conducts electricity without resistance up to 15° C, but only under high pressure.
The discovery evokes daydreams of futuristic technologies that could reshape electronics and transportation. Superconductors transmit electricity without resistance, allowing current to flow …

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Animated Science GCSE 1 to 9 Methods Summary

Animated Science 1-9 GCSE Practical Methods
This booklet of Methods is a simple reference point for the 1-9 Physics GCSE Required Practical methods.
Often questions will be based around these themes and you must learn to interpret the questions on the day as they will try and put them in unfamiliar situations.
This booklet is not designed …

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iGCSE Household Electricity

If you want to do a lesson on iGCSE Electricity 2.2 understand how the use of insulation, double insulation, earthing, fuses and circuit breakers protects the device or user in a range of domestic appliances.
Here are some resources to help you. I have attached all the lesson slides and if you work through this, you …

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Holst Planets Suite & Nocturnes – Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra 1994

This post is to celebrate a moment in time from 1994 when Gloucester Youth Orchestra played at Cheltenham Town Hall. On this occasion a recording was taken on DAT tape and some copies made for the players to listen to their own music.
Having had this tape cassette in my car for the past 10 years …

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Space Revision

If you wish to do a bit of revision or learning on KS3, 4 or 5 space. Then try some of the resources here, you can have a PPT or PDF.
Feel free to use for school use, but all images are copyright so no profit or derivatives which you sell!
Animated Science Space Revision (PDF)
Animated Science Space …

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Metabolic switch may bring on chronic fatigue syndrome

Metabolic switch may bring on chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome seems to be caused by changes in the body’s metabolism
By Andy Coghlan

It’s as if a switch has been flicked. Evidence is mounting that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is caused by the body swapping to less efficient ways of generating energy.
Also known as ME or myalgic encephalomyelitis, …

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