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Dear Readers,
I started Animated Science in 2003 as a small flash-based site for my own pupils. I am now serving Science, teacher training and food-based blog content around the world with an ever-increasing footprint.
It has been over 20 years now online and the changes have been massive, but I try to keep up and serving …

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Electric Car Battery Technology 2023

So a  lot of interest keeps being generated by this topic globally as people struggle to see how we are going to move from the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to a more sustainable way of getting around.

To be fair I think mostly the mainstream media are selling the public a whole tissue of lies when …

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Teacher Workload

I was looking at the Toolkits sent out from the Department for Education to try and help schools reduce workload. I think they have some good ideas to start off some schools who really struggle with this. I like this graph idea where you identify as high workload / low impact to give you area …

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2023 Poorly Written AQA Physics Exam

I am extremely disappointed by this year’s AQA Spec A A-level papers. The challenge was simply too much for many pupils and clearly the difficulty of the papers in comparison to Edexcel as a comparison was clear from the papers and marks requires for higher grades which were significantly different. See my analysis below of …

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August 2023 Summer Updates

Afternoon All!
Just a mention I have been tweaking and removing some older content from the main menus, you can still get it by using the search function but I have I tweaked the KS3 and Science areas to make it easy to find things and also add some new topics. I am broadly trying to …

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A Quantum Summer – by Daniel Powell

Cool Summer Poem of a Quantum Nature

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Brain imaging study finds that teaching maths to less anxious students helps!

This is super research and fits in with what I see daily in Physics.
The idea that if you are stressed you do worse at the mathematics components I think it’s key for Physics. This is why for nearly all my work I give full answers in printed or electronic form and allow my students to …

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The first room-temperature superconductor has finally been found

It’s here: Scientists have reported the discovery of the first room-temperature superconductor, after more than a century of waiting. The compound conducts electricity without resistance up to 15° C, but only under high pressure.
The discovery evokes daydreams of futuristic technologies that could reshape electronics and transportation. Superconductors transmit electricity without resistance, allowing current to flow …

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